Stylized Shaders

I really like learning how to make shaders and thought these looked cool on some of my models. I wrote them using HLSL for Unity with help from Ronja's Shader Tutorials I made four different shaders, a shader that pulses, a toon shader, a halftone shader, and a vornoi noise shader. The pulsing shader I made for a game called Sphere that I worked on and I added some of the same ideas into the halftone shader. With the halftone shader you can make objects pulse but I also made it so if you use emissions you can get them to pulse between one or two different colors. I have made a toon shader before but this one was nice because you don't need a ramp texture to determine the steps of the shading. I also think it looks really cool with Frog and his intense stare. With the voronoi noise I learned a lot about how to create randomness and using that in different ways.

I modeled everything using Zbrush and Maya, animated in Maya, and put it all together in Unity.

Pulsing Shader

Toon Shader

Halftone Shader

Voronoi Noise Shader